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Dossche is a privately owned business, active in the agro-food industry. With its targeted integrated quality care, the family continued to develop its business and has become known and respected as international food group. The group achieved a turnover (2004) of €250-million, employing more then 1000 employees located over 12 manufacturing sites in Belgium, France and Poland.

The group members produce and market extensive range of food products:

  • Dossche Mills is currently one of the largest millers in Europe as well as a major manufacturer of bakery ingredients, flour products and derived wheat products.

  • Gourmand is an innovating high-tech manufacturer of frozen Bake-Off bakery products. Their range is subdivided into the following main categories: ready-to-prove (unproved), ready-to-bake (pre-proved) and part-baked. The core business products are viennoiserie (croissants, choco croissants, pain choco, …), puff pastry (apple triangle,…), savoury snacks (croissant ham cheese,…) & speciality breads (ciabatta,…). Private label production, custom made products / solutions, is part of their core-competencies.

  • Dossche Feed International manufacturers animal feed and concentrates, which after in-depth market analyses, are specifically formulated and produced for the specific markets. Several countries in Central Europe, the Middle East and Far East and Central Africa are among the sales markets .

Each company strives for top quality and thanks to their flexibility and continuity in research and product development they always offer assortments that meet new market trends as well as the customers' needs.

For further information please visit the companies' relevant websites.

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